It is my belief that
there is an important message within each of us.
A message that, if we knew it would make a difference, we would shout it from the mountain tops. But many feel as though the risks are too great and the climb is too steep to even embark upon the first step in having their voices heard.

That is why DEBx was born. In my dozen year tenure in working with keynote and motivational speakers, I quickly discovered that many had dreams of being on the stage to share their message. The obvious fear of public speaking, mixed with the high cost of entry into the business, has stalled many aspiring speakers from taking action. This is a shame - especially today. Now, more than ever, we could benefit greatly from an infusion of positive messages throughout our communities.

DEBx was designed to help us rediscover that powerful voice inside us so that it could be molded and shaped into a profound gift for changing lives.

Take some time to check out the inspiring videos from our most recent graduates…bold leaders in our communities who put their butts on the line to share their very personal messages. It is their hope that you will gain insight from their heartaches, missteps and life challenges ….so you don’t have to endure the same.

-Deb Shapiro

If you had only 8 minutes to change the world,
what would you say?